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Thank you for visiting Dream Cabin Coffee! My name is Micah, owner and operator of Dream Cabin Coffee. I am an entrepreneur in the business world, but absolutely love my job! I often get asked the question, "How did you get into coffee roasting?" You could say that I basically grew up with coffee. My whole family loves coffee (including my 3 -year-old brother).

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My Story

There is a huge difference in good quality coffee compared to any old kind you can grab off the store shelf. (If you don't believe me, buy one of my bags of Single Origin coffee and put it up against the regular coffee you drink - smell and taste the difference!) After high school I became very intrigued with the different country of origins and varieties of coffee. I began to experiment with different beans and roasts and wanted to share my love for coffee with the world, thus, Dream Cabin Coffee was born!

One thing I look forward to each morning is grabbing that fresh cup of coffee to help start the day. If you are like me and enjoy your coffee so much, why waste your money on cheap coffee? Why not spend a little more on something that is definitely worth drinking?

Here at Dream Cabin Coffee I strive to bring to you that wonderful cup of coffee! I personally do all the roasts in small batches to ensure the highest quality for each customer. In order to give you the full experience of truly fresh coffee I never roast the coffee until it is ordered. Then it is packaged and sealed in resealable bags to keep its freshness until the last cup! I only send out the best and freshest of all coffee! If I wouldn't serve it to my family, I wouldn't serve it to yours!

Thank you so much for visiting my shop! Order your coffee today so that you can sit back in the rocking chair of your deck or cabin enjoying the rich smooth taste of our coffee and let your dreams flow!


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