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Guatemala Santa Rosa Review

Hello everyone! I am so glad you found my blog post, and are taking the time to read it. I decided to start a new line of review posts where I will be giving reviews on different origins of coffee, different flavors, different blends, coffee brewing equipment, and much, much, more. If you are wanting to learn more about certain coffee products, coffee blends, coffee origins, be sure to sign up for my email list so you will be notified every time a new post hits the page.

This is a journey I wanted to share with you to give you a better insight of different products I offer, along with other products such as brewing equipment, brewing techniques to help you brew a better cup of coffee and guide you in the right direction when it comes to buying your very own coffee brewing equipment.

So, as I have introduced this new line of posts, I decided to start with a little review on my Guatemala Santa Rosa coffee, and what my opinion is on it. Stay with me and learn all about my favorite Single Origin Coffee.

In this blog post, we will be talking about:

· Where did Guatemala Santa Rosa Coffee come from?

· My Review on this coffee.

· What brewing methods does it taste best with?

· Where can you find this delicious coffee?

Before I get into the fun stuff, I just wanted to say that none of these review posts are sales pitches, to try to get you to buy one of my products or someone other products. All these reviews will be my honest review, and what I really think about the product. Some of them will be good reviews, while some will be bad reviews. I really want you guys to hear my honest opinion, so you know what to look for when you go to buy these products. I will obviously leave links for certain products that I recommend, but if it is something that I don’t recommend, I will not leave a link unless you would ask for it.

Where did Guatemala Santa Rosa Coffee come from?

As you may know already, Guatemala is home to many microclimates, allowing great specialty coffee to be grown and harvested in its region. Guatemala is known for its mountain region, volcanic soil, and rainy weather making the perfect weather for coffee trees to grow. With the coffee grown mostly in the shade and grown at higher altitudes, it is a huge favorite to many across the world.

The Santa Rosa Valley is the location where this coffee is grown. It is located in the South-Central region of Guatemala with its nutrient rich soil creating the perfect conditions for a slow growing Guatemala Santa Rosa coffee. Since this coffee is a slower growing coffee, it concentrates the sugars and keeps the coffee beans profiles distinct and delicious.

My Review on Guatemala Santa Rosa.

When it comes down to choosing what coffee best fits my taste buds, I really enjoy going through and trying a large variety of different origins to find the one I like best. I also brew each one differently to see what brewing method best fits the Origin, and brings out the most of its flavorful notes & nuances.

Hands down, Guatemala Santa Rosa is my favorite. I can’t get over the smooth rich body it brings forth along with the perfect flavorful notes of: Chocolate, Caramel, & nuts. It cannot get any better than that, especially with chocolate & caramel being my absolute favorite, and when you add nuts, there is nothing that can beat it.

There is no way you should miss out on trying a cup of this delicious Guatemala Santa Rosa coffee, because I know you will enjoy it just us much as I do. Try it today, and savor the delicious notes of Chocolate, Caramel, & nuts. You will be blown away by its delicious flavors, and it will bring you back to your senses. CLICK HERE to try it today.

What Brewing Method Does It Taste Best With?

I have brewed this coffee in many ways, and yet still love the French Press brewing method the best. When I brew the Guatemala Santa Rosa in the French Press, I can taste all the great flavorful notes of Chocolate, caramel, nuts, and tropical fruits.

The reason I like this coffee brewed in the French Press compared to the Chemex Pour Over that is my main method of brewing that I use on a regular basis, the French Press seems to give it a stronger, smooth, creamy body. It has a thicker taste to it, where compared to the Chemex Pour Over, seems to bring out more of an acid taste to it.

If you are looking to brew yourself a cup of this Guatemala Santa Rosa coffee and are not quite sure what brewing method to use, I would highly recommend the French Press Brewing method. I know you will be impressed with all the flavors it has, and the taste from the French Press. If you don’t know how to brew coffee by the French Press method, CLICK HERE, and learn how to in one of my other blog posts.

Where Can You Find this Delicious Coffee?

Now that I have you excited over this delicious coffee, you are probably searching all over the place to try it for yourself. Do not look any further. CLICK HERE, and you can savor the moment of a warm cup of Guatemala Santa Rosa coffee on your front porch. Grab your bag today, and take your tastes buds on a little vacation to another place where there is delicious chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Savor the warm smooth cup while enjoying your wonderful quiet time on the porch.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope you enjoyed my first blog post review, and if you would like me to continue doing this, please let me know! Also If you would like me to review a product of your choice, please let me know as well!

Grab your cup of coffee, and enjoy the wonderful day!

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