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Sugar Dream Iced Coffee

If you are trying to decide on an iced coffee, latte, chai, or just a regular brew, I am going to make your decision for you this time.

Try this Sugar Dream Iced Coffee! If you like a sweet cold cup of coffee, this will be the one for you. With a perfect amount of coffee taste to sweetness, even one of you that doesn’t care for sweet beverages will like this one. Go ahead and try it, I know you are curious what it tastes like! “Let me tell you, it's one you won’t want to miss out on!”


Before you dive into Brewing Up your delicious Sugar Dream Iced Coffee, I just want to mention a few of my favorite Single Origin Specialty Coffee's. I brew a cup of my specialty coffee every morning, and think how much many are missing out on. It may feel you are starting your day off good, but wait until you take a sip of your stale coffee! That will ruin a day really quick! Try my Specialty Brazil Cerrado, Guatemala Santa Rosa, Organic Peru San Martin, or a fan favorite Chocolate Raspberry, to start your day off better! CLICK HERE now to try some of my Freshly Roasted Specialty Coffee, and don't worry about having another bad cup of Morning Coffee!


What you will need to “Brew up a Sugar Dream Iced Coffee”:

1. Espresso Machine or Coffee Maker

2. Coffee Grinder

3. Scale

4. Freshly Roasted Espresso Beans

5. Brown Sugar

6. Half & Half

7. Ice

8. 12oz Cup

  • I will leave a link down below to all the items you will need, so you can find the perfect fit for you!

  • This will make a 16oz Sugar Dream Iced Coffee. To get the best flavor, I recommend using an espresso machine, but I know that you may not have a home espresso machine, so this would not be possible. Making a strong cup of coffee will work as well. To do this, you will just need to add twice the amount of grounds you would normally use to brew a cup of coffee.

Steps to Brewing a Sugar Dream Iced Coffee:

1. Espresso shot

Begin by brewing a double shot of espresso, or if using a coffee maker, brew 4oz of strong coffee.

2. Brown Sugar

Put 3 tlbs of Brown sugar in your cup. ( If you want a healthier option, Honey can be used as a substitute, and it doesn't have a huge taste difference).

3. Mix Brown Sugar & Espresso

After you have pulled your double shot of espresso, pour it into your cup with the Brown Sugar. Since the shots of espresso will be hot, this will dissolve the Brown Sugar quickly. Stir for a few seconds until the brown sugar is dissolved.

4. Ice

Take your cup that contains the Espresso & Brown Sugar, and fill it full with ice.

5. Half & Half

Now that you have added the ice, finish it off with filling the rest of the liquid portion of the cup with Half & Half.

6. Stir Thoroughly

Mix final contents of the Sugar Dream Iced Coffee, and you will now have a delicious drink!

7. ENJOY!!!

  • I like to use a class mason jar with a handle as my cup for this Sugar Dream Iced Coffee, because it looks nice, and makes it easy to mix up by putting a lid on top, and shaking it. I will leave a link to these Mason Jar Cups down below for your interest.

I Hope you will love this recipe as much as many others did! It would be greatly appreciated if you would Like this recipe, Share it with others so many more can enjoy it, and comment with a question, or whatever is on your mind. I would love to hear from you!

Product Links

Espresso Machine : I highly recommend this espresso machine. I have one of my own that I use on a regular basis that works really well. It is small, (fits in compact areas very well) user friendly, (if you know how to use a commercial espresso machine, you will know how to use this too) easy to clean, (after I am complete from pulling shots, it only takes me a few seconds to clean it) easy price, (compared to most espresso machines, this espresso machine is very cheap. For only $180, you can have yourself a perfect home espresso machine).

Hand Grinder : I don't own one of these personally just because I have an electric grinder, but I have heard & read a lot of good things about this grinder, and thats why I would recommend this one if you are looking for one.

Coffee Scale : This is the exact scale I use for all of my coffee brewing. It is very precise, and has worked great. Its very inexpensive for home use, and works wonderful. You obviously could go out and buy a top brand scale, but I don't see any point when this one works great and is so cheap.

Espresso Beans : A lot of people use Mexican Coffee for espresso with it being a strong rich coffee and always have liked it. I use it as well because it seems to have the best flavor for espresso, and has a rich smooth body.

Mason Jar : The Mason jars I was telling you about. You obviously can use whatever cup you would like that would best fit your needs, I just like these since they look neat, along with being a cup with a lid at the same time making it easy to mix my drink.

Hope you will love this recipe as much as I did along with many others! It would be greatly appreciated if you would Like this recipe, Share it with others so many more can enjoy it, and comment with a question, or whatever is on your mind. I would love to hear from you!

Grab Your Sugar Dream Iced Coffee, and Enjoy Your Day!

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