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The Top 3 Methods to Brew a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Brewing coffee can be a challenge, and the hardest part is finding the best way to brew a cup to bring out all the delicious flavors & notes. As I began to drink coffee in my early years, I would brew it in a traditional coffee maker. Even though I was new into the coffee industry, I recognized this was not the best way to brew coffee, as I found other brewing methods to get the most delicious cup possible. Finally I decided to find a new way to brew my coffee because drinking a flat cup of coffee was really kinda boring.

In this blog post, I am going to be sharing 3 ways I learned to brew coffee, that gave me the chance to get the most out of my coffee. I’ll be covering:

  • Why Not an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker?

  • What is the difference between a coffee maker, and other brewing methods?

  • How Brewing Works by Each Method

  • The importance of using Freshly Roasted Coffee when Brewing by these methods

So, if your just not excited about brewing your coffee in your original coffee maker and want to find another great way to brew coffee, you have come to the right place. Your coffee experience is about to change forever!


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Why Not an Automatic Drip Coffee Maker?

When I first started drinking coffee, I always brewed my coffee in a traditional coffee maker that you can get from the local store. It always brewed average coffee, but nothing that would stand out and make a large difference in taste.

Coffee is a large part of our lives! As we get up each morning, our body depends on a warm cup of coffee to get us going. As we go through our day, many of us drink coffee continuously all day to keep us motivated. Coffee is just a major necessity when it comes to productivity and deliciousness.

So if this warm liquid is such a large part of your lives, why are you still going cheap, and buying old stale bitter coffee from the store when you could visit your local coffee roaster, or even better, have Freshly Roasted Coffee shipped right to your doorstep. You may be wondering "how do you know I am going cheap, and looking for a better way to brew my coffee?" If you weren't trying to find another way to brew your coffee, you would not be here right now reading my blog.

Let's be honest with ourselves, the coffee that we brew in our coffee maker is really not anything to write home about. It just tastes like coffee. Now what if I told you that if you brewed your coffee by some of these methods I am about to explain to you, your cup of coffee will taste 100% better. It would no longer be called coffee. It would be called Amazing Coffee!

Would you change your coffee brewing method right now? Would you take a few more minutes each time you brew another cup of coffee to do it the right way and get a better flavor?

Try one of these brewing methods for yourself, and you will no longer appreciate the coffee from your coffee maker. Your coffee maker will no longer match the delicious flavors that come from your "Chemex Pour Over, French Press, V60 Pour Over, or Mocha Pot!"

What is the difference between a coffee maker, and other brewing methods?

Your traditional automatic drip coffee maker is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods today. Most people have these coffee makers sitting in their kitchens. Some of the Automatic Coffee Makers brew better coffee than others, but the method by which the coffee is brewed is all the same.

The reason you are not going to get a precise cup of coffee from your Automatic Drip Coffee maker is due to the fact that your coffee and water is not weighed out in a ratio like your other methods are. You will be getting a cup of coffee tasting different each time depending on the amount of grounds & water you are putting in. You add the coffee to the filter, the water to the tank, and push the start button. The coffee is forced up on to the coffee grounds therefore brewing your cup of coffee.

Chemex Pour Over

A chemex pour over is a glass design pour over method where hot water is poured over grounds. In this process, you can get a lot of the flavor profiles and nuances from the coffee. To brew coffee by this method, the water in your gooseneck kettle must reach 205 degrees.


My favorite coffee I like to brew by this method is a Guatemala Santa Rosa. It is a Freshly Roasted Single Origin coffee from the Santa Rosa Region. It has a taste profile of Caramel, citrus and chocolate. A perfect combination for an early morning cup of coffee.

Click Here to get your back of Guatemala Santa Rosa, and taste the wonderful flavors of Caramel, Citrus, and Chocolate.


For your Chemex Pour Over, you must have your coffee ground to a "medium course grind." (The longer the time that the coffee grounds are in contact with the water, the more course the grind should be. If the grounds are in contact with water for a short period of time, you must do a fine grind).

For a Chemex Pour Over, I typically brew it at a 16:1 ratio. When you are grinding your beans, measure out 42g of beans. Now if we are using 42g of grounds, and we are using a 16:1 ratio, we will need 672g of water.

The Chemex filter must be prepared by pouring some water through it to remove any bad tastes, or residue. To begin brewing your coffee, you must start with what we call the "bloom." The bloom is brewed by pouring 72g of water over the grounds, and allowing them to sit for 30 seconds. This allows any gases to be released.

After your bloom is finished, continue to pour 200g of water in every minute, giving the water time to drip down below. After you have reached 672g of water, your brewing process is finished. Your delicious cup of coffee is ready to go. The entire process should take no more than 3:30 to brew.

All your brewing equipment needed to brew a Chemex Pour Over is listed below:


Chemex Filters

Pour Over Kettle


Freshly Roasted Coffee

French Press

French press is referred to as the full immersion brewing method. All the grounds are receiving relatively the same amount of brewing time as they all are submersed in the water.

The grounds are once again measured out following the ratio for a French Press. I prefer to go with the 17:1 ratio for a french press, which seems to bring out the perfect amount of flavors, and always has a full body. The water is in contact with the grounds for a longer period of time compared to the pour over method. Due to this fact, you must use a "Course Grind."

The water is poured over the grounds and the plunger is put on top. The grounds and water are left to sit for 4 minutes letting them soak. After the 4 minutes are complete, the plunger is pushed down, and the grounds are trapped at the bottom. Your coffee is ready for you to sip and enjoy!

The following equipment is necessary to brew a perfect cup of french press coffee. Click on the links below, and it will take you directly to the product.

French Press


Pour Over Kettle

Freshly Roasted Coffee


The V60 method is very similar to the chemex pour over method. The difference is the chemex Pour Over uses a medium-course grind compared to the medium-fine grind for the v60 pour over. They also both use different filters, and different brewing equipment. Now as far as the technique for brewing, they are both the same.

The following equipment is necessary to brew a perfect cup of V60 Pour Over coffee. Click on the links below, and it will take you directly to the product.

V60 Pour Over Set

V60 Coffee Filters


Pour Over Goose Neck Kettle

Freshly Roasted Coffee

The importance of Freshly Roasted Coffee

Of course, Fresh is Fresh! It doesn’t matter if you have been tracking it by the day, or by the month, how the coffee is stored during that time makes the difference. Stale coffee is easily detected by its smell.

When brewing stale coffee, it will no longer brew properly. It won’t have that fresh taste, or the wonderful palatable notes & nuances delicious freshly roasted coffee has. It is most important to make sure that coffee is freshly roasted and hasn’t been sitting for a long period of time.

The biggest factor in brewing a perfect cup of coffee is having the right equipment. You can't rig a coffee brewing system and expect it to work like any other brewing system. Its always best just to pay the extra cost, and get the right stuff. Life is short, so lets enjoy our coffee while we can!

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post about "Coffee Brewing Methods," I really hope you learned something today, and will come back to check out some of my other blog posts as well. Be sure to sign up for my email list, to be the first to find out when another blog post is up on the page!

Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy your day!

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