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It seems so simple, and such a common flavor! But yet is extremely popular, and is extremely delicious. When you think of Chocolate Mint, some of the first things that come to mind would maybe be "candy mints, cookies, hot chocolate, icecream, etc..." but here it is available in coffee! This Chocolate Mint will definentaly satisfy your palet


Grab that bag of Chocolate Mint Coffee, and let those delicious smells waft your senses. This coffee will uplift your mood any day of the week! Just imagine that warm cup of Chocolate Mint coffee warming your body, and getting you ready for that next cup! Take time to enjoy this great freshly roasted specialty Chocolate Mint Coffee! You wont regret a single minute of it!

Chocolate Mint

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • My flavored coffee is roasted to order, flavored with quality specialty flavorings, and then packaged into 8oz resealable bags for your convenience! I use a Brazil Cerrado for my flavored coffee, a Specialty Single Origin Coffee that is Strictly Soft Bean allowing the flavoring oils to soak fully into the bean to give it a delicious flavor. The coffee you will be ordering will be roasted to order, so when you first place your order, your coffee will not be roasted yet. The reason I do this, is to provide you with as fresh coffee as possible.


    8oz: 30-40 cups of coffee depending on desired strength

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