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Chocolate? Raspberry? Who would have ever thought of such a great blend for coffee? Our Chocolate Raspberry coffee is flavored with premium flavoring oils, and the moment you open that sealed bag of Chocolate Raspberry coffee, you will smell that tart sugary smell of the delicious raspberries.


Does your mother ever bake a chocolate raspberry cake especially for you? Well, if she has, this coffee is greatly comparable to that delicious cake of your mothers! The smooth rich flavor of chocolate and raspberries clensing your pallet, and granting you that heartwarming feeling inside!


This great and notable coffee blend will bring you to your senses with that delicious flavor of raspberries and chocolate! We know you all are looking for the best, so that is what we are after! All our coffee is roasted and flavored to order, so when you get your bag of chocolate raspberry coffee, it will be completely fresh!

Chocolate Raspberry

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  • My flavored coffee is roasted to order, flavored with quality specialty flavorings, and then packaged into 8oz resealable bags for your convenience! I use a Brazil Cerrado for my flavored coffee, a Specialty Single Origin Coffee that is Strictly Soft Bean allowing the flavoring oils to soak fully into the bean to give it a delicious flavor. The coffee you will be ordering will be roasted to order, so when you first place your order, your coffee will not be roasted yet. The reason I do this, is to provide you with as fresh coffee as possible.


    8oz: 30-40 cups of coffee depending on desired strength

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