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Celebrating the holiday's without gifts might make it feel like not so much of a holiday! But celebrating the holidays without coffee is even worse! That is why we have created one of the best gifts for you to share with others, or to have as a gift for yourself! The reason this gift is so special is becuase it is filled with delicious bags of freshly roasted specialty coffee! The ultimate fix to a wonderful holiday with friends & family.

Holiday Single Origin Organic Gift Set

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  • With 5 Single Specialty Single Origin Coffee's to choose from, your Christmas just when from "Good" to "Amazing!" With your choice of coffee packed into a beutiful box & topped with a bow, this simply has to be one of the best gifts you will ever send or recieve! Choose your favorite coffee to be in this gift set, and have it shipped right to your doorstep to enjoy with Friends & Family! If this is a gift for a Friend or Loved one, simply have it shipped to their doorstep!


    4oz: 16-20 cups of coffee! Great for a sample bag, a gift, or for someone who wants a smaller amount of coffee.

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