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Store Policy

Customer Care

Here at Dream Cabin Coffee, we are striving to bring to you that impeccable roast and style you are looking for. We would never want you to have to drink old stale coffee that has Benn sitting on the shelf for many days, months, or maybe even years! Here we roast all our coffee to order, bringing to you the most fresh coffee you will ever get. We not only roast our coffee to order, we also roast our coffee in small batches, to keep it as fresh as possible.


We would love to here from you if you would have any new and great ideas for us to provide a better service for our customers. Our top priority is to provide our customers with a product that they will be satisfied with! If you are not satisfied with your order, let us know right away, and we will help you get what you are looking for!

Privacy & Safety

We value your privacy very highly, and would like you to read our privacy policy very closely before using our site! When you come and visit our site, or maybe even place an order, we collect information necessary to process your purchase. We may also collect additional information if a customer would contact us for customer support! All information we collect is kept confidential, and is not shared with any third party users! We use phone numbers, names, and email addresses to get in contact with customers if there would happen to be a problem with an order, or to send out special discounts and prices! We hope this will help you make your decision to shop with us, and we are continuing to try our best to create an amazing experience for you!

Return Policy

We are trying our best to create a wonderful shopping experience for each one! We would never want a customer to leave our site unsatisfied with their experience, and never wishing to come back!Due to the fact, and the promise to our customers to provide them with a fresh bag of coffee, we do not accept returns on any coffee! Besides that, we do accept returns on any imperishable merchandise that may be exchanged for another item, as long as the item is returned in perfect condition. We do not submit refunds until we have received packages, with the contents remaining in the package undamaged!We would like to thank you for your understanding, and we hope we can provide a wonderful shopping experience for each and everyone!

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